Thursday, April 26, 2007


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As airframes and airframe systems age and fewer new platforms are under development, the needs of the operator for more efficient aircraft and systems dictate that these needs be met by modifications to legacy aircraft currently in flying service. For aircraft avionics, the needs for technological currency are also compounded by the mandates to operate within the safety boundaries of the national and international air transportation system requirements. The result is a "full plate" for many flight operations, integration engineers and maintenance managers in establishing a rational plan to acquire and install updated systems in the aircraft they are managing. ASIG has defined an approach to this avionics planning process that is described as the SEMPER model (System Evolution/Modernization Planning, Execution & Realization). The model process shows how to incorporate avionics requirements and modification planning into an effective and integrated plan that considers technical and business case issues. Concepts such as the development of an overall avionics migration strategy, the application of open systems and the use of life cycle cost in the decision process are shown to be key elements of the SEMPER process.

Throughout the next several weeks I will endeavor to explain the SEMPER model so that our readers are best equipped to understand the standards and variables associated with the planning, integration design and execution of avionics platform upgrades regardless of aircraft type/model/series or fleet size. Because of our collaborative approach to integration and program management we encourage our readership, colleagues, customers or industry experts to let us know your thoughts and positions as we delve further into the business of "Born-Again" aircraft.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Welcome to Wired!

Welcome to "Wired!" Wired is the online journal of Avionics & Systems Integration Group, LLC – the name in post OEM integration, manufacturing, repair and support for the Aerospace & Defense community. We’re glad you’ve joined us as we prepare to embark on our first edition and the first article in a multi-week series titled, “SEMPER: A Model for the Planning & Implementation of Avionics & Systems Upgrades.

As with the first of anything whether it is a new recipe, a new STC or a new blog, we may experience a few technical difficulties as we get started, or along the way, with this new medium. However, as with all things, a little patience, perseverance, superior knowledge and a bit of luck and we’ll be through the rough spots in no time. Nonetheless, if ever you question the opinions or comments you see in any of our posts; please let us know by emailing us at If we choose to use your comments in our blog feed, or if we are forced to post the dreaded retraction due to your wise input, we’ll send you a complimentary Ashcroft Golf Shirt, a blazed with our company logo in return for your contribution and patronage.

We look forward to creating an environment of informing, sharing and debating the news and technology of the avionics trade-space and interacting with you our customers, peers, suppliers and others interested in the technology, methodology, regulations, cost and benefit of the avionics, aerospace & defense industry.

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