Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ASIG Receives FAA §145 Air Agency Certificate

Little Rock, AR: January 30, 2008 - Avionics & Systems Integration Group, LLC (ASIG) yesterday received 14 CFR §145 Repair Station Certification. This important certification proves that the ASIG service center has met the FAA’s stringent aircraft component repair and maintenance regulations. ASIG can now lead the repair and maintenance of any article contained in their PMA’d aircraft modifications kits and other components as contained in their FAA accepted capability list.

The comprehensive five-phase certification effort consisted of preapplication, formal application, document compliance, demonstration / inspection, and certification. ASIG’s repair station manual was reviewed and found acceptable by the FAA for conformity to applicable regulations and safe operating practices. In addition, the FAA approved ASIG’s repair station training manual. Also throughout the certification process, the company’s facilities and equipment were found to meet the regulatory requirements.

“We are building an enduring aviation legacy, and this latest FAA nod of approval represents another important step in our journey,” said Luke Ribich, Managing Director of ASIG. “Previously, we have designed and certified superior aircraft articles and now are well on our way to delivering and maintaining a large array of aircraft and components ranging from use on GA through large transport aircraft. This certification reflects the seriousness with which we are approaching our entire customer experience – from sale, through design, certification and delivery, to the service and maintenance of each of our products over its lifetime.”

In 2006, ASIG introduced a revolutionary customer care program that will continue to drive down cost of aircraft ownership and operation. The VESSA (Virtual Engineering Services Subscription Agreement) Program, is ASIG’s one-stop solution for for operational support, engineering & design service, DER/DAR approvals and component maintenance, it provides the engineering, solutions development and FAA certifications customers need to operate and manage their aircraft or fleet at a fixed, guaranteed price. The VESSA Program leverages the experience and proficiencies of its cadre of highly skilled multi-disciplined aerospace engineers, designers, technicians and fleet/program planners to aid its clients implement safety enhancements, airframe mid-life extensions, maintaining regulatory compliance, reliability improvement programs and reducing the challenge of acquiring and maintaining internal engineering, manufacturing and MRO capabilities. As is done for customers of modern automotive companies like Lexus, the VESSA program significantly improves the customer ownership experience by providing a 24/7/365 single point of contact that greatly simplifies day-to-day and AOG aircraft management.

For additional information regarding ASIG's operating activities, product & services offerings contact Mr. Luke Ribich, Managing Director of ASIG, toll-free at (866) 890-ASIG x100 or via email at – END OF RELEASE