Thursday, December 20, 2007

ASIG Receives New FAA-PMA for CFM56-2F Interconnect Devices

Little Rock, AR: December 20, 2007- Avionics & Systems Integration Group, LLC (ASIG) announced this week that they have received FAA-PMA supplement for the manufacture of CFM56-2F EGT thermocouple airframe interconnect harness assemblies for DC-8-7X airframes. ASIG part number 1011-9000-00 has been designed and FAA certified as a direct replacement for Boeing part numbers D51A56107-3 & -5 utilizing modern materials and manufacturing processes in order to enhance in-service reliability. Units are available at less than half the cost and lead time, and can be shop overhauled and/or repaired in contrast to OEM counterparts.

“These units have been designed and manufactured to exceed the reliability of legacy OEM units in order to aid operators of the DC-8-70 series aircraft in increasing dispatch performance in this ever less supported, never more utilized freight workhorse. Each unit is serialized and tested to withstand the grueling conditions of its operating environment.” – Bill Helliwell; Manager, Engineering & Programs

New parts are available through IASA Group, Inc., an authorized ASIG distributor, at (214) 350-5996, via the ILS Parts Locator Service or, from ASIG directly at (866) 890-2744 or

For additional information regarding ASIG's operating activities, product & services offerings contact Mr. Luke Ribich, Managing Director of ASIG, toll-free at (866) 890-ASIG x100 or via email at – END OF RELEASE