Tuesday, April 28, 2015

For Immediate Release - GDC Technics Selects ASIG’s flyTab XFB for B737NG Modifications & Platform Advances

For Immediate Release

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LITTLE ROCK, AR | April 28, 2015 - The Avionics & Systems Integration Group (ASIG), a leading global integrator and provider of flyTab XFB solutions for Apple iPad supporting commercial, government and civil aviation applications, announced this week that it has been selected by GDC Technics, on behalf of an as of yet unnamed international fleet operator, to supply the company’s flyTab XFB system, for the Boeing 737NG airframe.  The flyTab XFB system represents the world’s only self-contained, fully integrated and completely customizable Class 2 EFB solution build upon the Apple iPad product line.  Installation and airworthiness approvals will be supported under ASIG’s existing AML-STC ST11156SC, which is suitable for almost any Part 25 aircraft and has been previously available in configurations for CRJ Series, DHC-8/Q400 Series and B767-200/300/300F/400ER Series aircraft.  The installation will consist of a full flyTab XFB suite including a single flyTab Aircraft Interface Module, dual flyTab Power Conditioning Modules and the unique flyTab 3-stage mounting system that provides continuous iPad device protection to MIL-STD-810G standard in an FAA-PMA’d light weight, man-portable crashworthy enclosed docking station.  The low-cost Class 2 EFB boasts a minimal system weight, including installation kitting, of less than 8 Lbs. due to the use of revolutionary advanced composite materials and includes complete support for operators choosing to pursue A061 paperless OpSpec approval endorsements from the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”).

Recently, the FAA and Transport Canada have authorized ASIG to support existing configurations of the flyTab XFB installation with phased installation kits.  Phased adoption of the flyTab platform allows airlines and other fleet operators to take a more thoughtful and measured approach to incorporating EFB’s in their fleets through stand-alone installations of mount, power and/or data interfaces under the existing flyTab XFB Supplemental Type Certificate in lieu of full system installation.

In other advancements, ASIG’s flyTab for iOS software team has recently completed architecture and design of the company’s FIS-B and TIS-B to MOPS standards for the flyTab SDK, a developer add-in for Apple’s revolutionary XCode developer tool that allows the automated implementation of the flyTab API and widget functions. The flyTab SDK’s FIS-B and TIS-B widgets allow for the automated integration of Flight Information System and Traffic Information System Broadcast messages The flyTab SDK is available for license to third-party developers with an interest in creating completely “aircraft aware” applications in support of operational leaning, or the enterprise integration of actual flight data on-condition, or in near real-time.

“It has been a banner year for the flyTab XFB system and its innovative software solutions.  ASIG now fully supports nearly 60% of worldwide transport category aircraft via AML-STC configurations and are positioned to add more type/mode/series aircraft with minimal time, effort and expense.  As to our collaboration with GDC, we have been impressed with both GDC’s organization improvements and revised vision resultant from their 2014 reorganization.  It is clear to our management team that GDC and its leadership are as committed to a path of continuous advancement in the same way that ASIG has been with avionics design, and is focused on bringing quality products, services and workmanship into the domestic MRO market as evidenced by its significant investment to its operational infrastructure.” said Luke Ribich, managing director of ASIG.

About GDC Technics
GDC Technics is a seasoned aircraft modification center based out of Texas. Holding multiple approvals including FAA and EASA 145 approvals, GDC is also certified to ISO 9001, AS9100 and AS9110 quality management systems. It is leading the industry in modifying next generation aircraft, such as the B787.

About the Avionics & Systems Integration Group
ASIG specializes in system integration and supplemental engineering, installation kit and component manufacturing and type design and certifications in support of COM/NAV, IFE, Situational Awareness and Air traffic management (CNS/ATM), maintenance, modification and AMOC/non-SRM repair compliance activities.  ASIG also performs research and development of emerging technologies in support of aircraft and rotorcraft operations for civil, commercial, government and foreign flight departments.  Additionally, ASIG is the lead developer and technology owner for flyTab XFB solutions for Apple iPad.  ASIG holds multiple approvals including FAA Part 145 Repair Station Certificates, FAA Parts Manufacturer Authorization and numerous FAA and TCCA Supplemental Type Certificates, all under the surveillance of the company’s ISO 9001 compliant quality control system. For additional information regarding ASIG's operating activities, products and services, visit them online at www.asigllc.com or subscribe the company's bi-weekly technical journal, Wired - An Avionics & Integration Weblog" at asigllc.blogspot.com.  To obtain technical details and other information about the flyTab XFB platform, visit ASIG's product website at www.flyTab.aero.  ASIG, the Avionics & Systems Integration Group, is not affiliated with Aircraft Services International Group or BBA Aviation. - END OF RELEASE